Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nolans Birthday- Dec. 7

Nolan is 10 years old!! It makes me want to cry thinking about how big he is getting. It is hard to believe that Nolan was once just a 4lbs. baby and who could forget the "batman" stages when he would wear the blue cloth cape everywhere. We would have to bribe him to take it off to go to church.
On his birthday we went to Nanny's house and had Cake (gluten free of course) and icecream. Nolan made us sing happy birthday to him 2 times, clap our hands 1 time, and say he is the best--all this had to be done before he blew out the candles. That is so Nolan always the fun one.

A Weekend of Tournaments!

We spent all last weekend at Tournaments and Games with the kids. You would think it was the Holidays keeping us busy. Friday night Nathan's basketball team with his school played in the County Championship Game! THEY WON!!! Nathan won ALL TOURNAMENT PLAYER. We were very proud of him. Oh, he also shot the heck out of the 3pointers!

Halle had her Regional Cheerleading Competition on Sunday. Her team was from Campbell Co. There were 20 teams in her age group that competed. The boys of course were bored out of their minds and made fun of everyone the whole time. It was fun to watch her team. Oh, they did not win. That's okay though, it is hard to win when your brothers don't want you to. They did not want to go to state and watch another competiton!

Nolan had his weekly basketball game on Saturday. He LOVES basketball. I am so proud of him. He plays all 4 quarters! He is the point guard and loves to steal the ball. Nolan is FUN to watch play.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


I am so proud of my boys and what they have accomplished in Basketball this year. Their constant competition with each other, practice and dedication has paid off.
Nathan is in the 6th grade and starts for the Livesay Middle School Basketball JV team. He never misses a practice and looks for any opportunity to play some ball. He loves to "pick pockets" and "drain the 3s"
Nolan is in the Lafollette REC. Team. His cousin, Kaleb is on his team with him. They dominate their team. Last game out of 13 points Nolan made 11 points and ended up with a blister on his finger! I have to say I have never seen Nolan miss a foul shot. Shooting hoops ALL THE TIME has paid off for him!
I love to go to the games and cheer! There is no where I would rather be!